League of legends worlds 2018 standings

League of legends worlds 2018 standings

In the absence of a single player campaign, the multiplayer is all that matters and the advanced matchmaking pits players against opponents of a similar Elo ratio. The results are presented in a visual diagram so you can immediately identify your strengths and weaknesses to focus on specific aspects of your gameplay and improve as a player. The only things keeping League from going stale are arguably the number of playable characters and the diverse cast of people you play with and against, which turns each match into a unique competitive experience.

League of legends 2018 worlds

League of legends worlds

This permission must be documented and submitted as proof for substitution Procedural Note: To explain further: a substitution only occurs DURING the match, in between games of the Best of Three series.

This makes for an intense, dynamic and humour filled adventure that will test MOBA veterans to think on their feet.

A lot of players go the lone wolf route, which includes minimal interaction with teammates.