Playerunknown’s battlegrounds video

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds video

Or maybe you want to be forewarned before you dive into one of the most intense multiplayer games ever created. I have started jumping out mid map and trying to fly as far as possible away from the flight path so I can have more time to myself at the startI found flying straight down over a town usually ended in a massive fight in the first few minutes which I usually don’t do so well inYeah I’m doing the same, as fun as it is sometimes to drop into popular areas it feels like a total crap shoot sometimes as to whether I’ll survive long enough to make it to the first circle.

Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds

playerunknown’s battlegrounds video

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds youtube

Some textures in-game are of PS2-era quality, the plane deployment frame rate drops to 12-15fps, shadows and plant life pop-in badly, and according to Eurogamer, input lag also feels off, either because of an improperly defined dead zone in the controls, or because of yet more problems with the game code.

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First of all let me tell you what an amazing game PUBG is.

Accidentally just killed my teammate in a house we were pushing because his name was out of view. As you may know, gears (such as the mouse, dpi, mousepad, and keyboard) are important when you play a first person shooter game.